The Grit Collective

The Grit method

We offer 1-1 and group weight loss coaching and teaching anchored in flexible dieting and habit creation. Our goal is to help you break free of the diet cycle, fuel the activities you love, and most importantly, learn how to sustain your weight loss.

Toss those fad diets & restrictive challenges in the trash.

Join the group of everyday athletes as they take back control of their eating.



Here at The Grit Collective, there’s no miracle shakes, detox teas or weird soup cleanses. There’s no food groups we deem evil. We’re not heckling you on Facebook to pimp out supplements, or purchase the newest form of snake oil. It’s just real, nutrient dense, accessible foods to fuel the activities you’re passionate about.

Our programs work to teach you the fundementals of Flexible Dieting through weekly lessons and habit exercises. These lessons are refinfored by weekly check-ins with your Grit coach in our app.